Our Story

An Agent and an Architect. Jonathan, the Agent, was able to see firsthand the rapid changes taking place within the lighting industry. He was also able to see how lighting companies would need to strengthen their core brand and adapt as the evolution of lighting manifested itself through modern trends and technologies. Rob, the Specifier, understands the value of design and the exponential correlation between a strong

brand, quality of product and the perception it takes to make a convincing sale. Separately, the two were Selling Lights and Creating Environments. Both value design. Both embrace technology. Both understand the importance of lighting. Together, a new business was discovered and a team was assembled to help Lighting Companies across the globe build stronger brands.

Our mission

To support the advancement of lighting through communication, design and technology.

Our vision

Technology is continually challenging how we communicate, redefining consumer behaviors, and demanding economic efficiency. Your Lighting Brand takes advantage of current technological advancements to provide the lighting industry with access to transformational branding, marketing, and sales solutions.

Renaissance Team

Your Lighting Brand has developed a team that brings together professionals from within the lighting, design, and advertising industries. Together with our customers, we form a renaissance team dedicated to advancing their brand.

Complete Brand Management

Your Lighting Brand offers its customers with a full service, process based approach to achieving their brand goals. We offer expert knowledge within Print & Digital platforms and seek to provide our customers with long-term brand solutions.

Design Value

Your Lighting Brand believes that design has tremendous value. Within any competitive marketplace, customers are seeking reasons to purchase one product over another. The very essence of a strong brand can alter consumer behavior and ultimately affect the outcome of a sale.

Our Leadership

  • Jonathan Ayala
    Jonathan AyalaPrincipal
  • Rob Hilbert
    Rob HilbertPrincipal

Changing the way the game is played

Our Services

  • Ideation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Case Studies
  • Brand Standards
  • Mobile App Design
  • Featured Products
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Prommercials
  • Software
  • Product Literature
  • Photography
  • Trade Shows
  • News Letters

    Words from clients

    • The development of EPCO's marketing strategy was organized, strategic, and insightful. The "3E Strategy" delivers a simple message while conveying the essence of what our business is.  Your Lighting Brand's business acumen has helped us look at our marketing bottlenecks, giving us the insight to eliminate wasteful spending.  I would recommend YLB to anyone in this business!  

      Patrick O'Neill - Owner
      Patrick O'Neill - OwnerEnergy Planners Company
    • “I didn't want to have to teach someone the lighting industry.  That’s why I hired YLB”

      Gunn Murphy - Principal / Owner
      Gunn Murphy - Principal / OwnerJames G. Murphy Company
    • The YLB service level has hit every single one of our marks and it’s truly appreciated.

      Gregg Atkinson - Principal / Owner
      Gregg Atkinson - Principal / OwnerZuli Lighting - Seattle Market
    • When we contacted YLB, these guys were on it immediately. The fact that they know what we do every day made the whole process so simple.

      Jim Crouch - Principal / Owner
      Jim Crouch - Principal / OwnerPremier Lighting Sales - Tulsa Market
    • Working with Your Lighting Brand has been a great experience. YLB’s design and technology skills, coupled with a thorough understanding of the lighting industry, were an exact match for our needs. The analytics show that our customers are thoroughly engaged with the Interactive Line Card, driving lengthy and repeat visits.

      David Bacher - Vice President
      David Bacher - Vice PresidentCAL Lighting - Northern California


    Your Lighting Brand is a proud sponsor of the IES Buckeye Chapter.

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