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Building Long-Term Relationships

Just as a great brand cannot be built overnight nor can the relationship between a manufacturer and their consultants.  Your Lighting Brand takes tremendous pride in its ability to immerse itself within the day-to-day activities of its clients and provide a value not seen before within the industry.

We founded the Company on the simple belief that our combination of lighting expertise, design creativity, and market awareness would allow us to provide transformational services to our clients.

Our Relationships With Manufacturers

Eventually even the strongest brands require a refresher.  Technology, Consumer Needs, Competitor Growth, and Design Trends all play a role in redefining the marketplace.

-Has the LED revolution caused you to rethink the position of your brand within the lighting market?

-Is the growing number of competitors within the lighting market making it difficult for your brand to differentiate itself?

-Has your company outgrown its brand and in need of image that matches its new place within the lighting market?

-Are you growing tired of your brands current image and looking to refresh it?

We have helped build many successful companies…so we understand the realities facing a start-up company and because of this we believe that Your Lighting Brand has been strategically built to help you navigate through a very complex process.  When dealing with start-up companies we believe that there are three main ingredients that allow us to be successful:

Getting in Early: It’s the clearest way for us to make a positive impact upon your business.

Full Service: One point of contact to handle all of your branding, marketing, and advertising needs

Master Planning: We use long-term planning to help our clients make better decisions in the short-term

The LED revolution has led to an influx of international lighting companies doing business within the United States.  The transition from foreign markets into the US market can be difficult to maneuver as consumer expectations can prove to be quite different from that of your home country.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed many international companies with outstanding products get passed over by consumers simply because they failed to properly adjust themselves to match the expectations of the US market.  Together we can better position your lighting company for success and ultimately grow your brand.


Develop communication strategies aimed at maximizing the perceptions that your customers have about your products and services.


Engage your customers with persuasive multimedia communication intended to inform them of the value of your products and services.


Promote and maintain the values of your brand through tangible collateral designed to communicate a consistent message to your customers.


Harness the power of communication as technology continues to develop and advance the creativity and vision of your brand.


Connect with current and potential customers through a variety of social media outlets to promote your brand through education and awareness.


Capture the essence of your brand through advanced visual story telling and engage your customers with a sophisticated sales approach.


Celebrate the transformation of an environment that your products and services have created while inspiring your future customers.


Utilize industry and sector specific software solutions to organize your personnel and enhance the economic efficiency of your company.

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