Sample Management

Managing the location and repayment terms of your manufacturers samples can be timely and taxing. We live in era where businesses demand more for less. More results in less time. More perks for less cost. More options with less hassle. The two key components to staying ahead of the demand is organization and communication. Your business exists by selling product and when you place the right product in front of a Specifier at the right time, quality products will often sell themselves. There lays the value of your samples. Your Lighting Brand has received significant feedback from Agents and Turnkey companies across the country, stating that they are “throwing thousands of dollars out the window each year” due to the lack of sample management. Samples go missing and debits are issued. Specification opportunities are missed and it is reflected on the fixture schedule. We have heard your frustration and intend to help. We are working hard on a solution built on the principals of organization and communication that will save your company time & money. Stay tuned.
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